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Hi, after read some news at Livejournal and some of communities or friends has decided to move here.
which is I have to make an account soon.
first I'll do introduction.
I'm Chia, from Indonesia.
currently 23 y.o >___< I'm Johnny's Ent. Fan <3
My fandoms are Arashi, Kanjani8, Johhny's West, sometimes TOKIO, and KinKi Kids. I was NEWS fan but still supporting TegoMass (didnt mean I hate NEWS or whatsover, just not being their fan anymore, sorry)
My ichiban are Nishikido and Ninomiya '3')//
Beside from Johnny's I also like another Japan's agency like Amuse or LDH, and many more.

probably I'll rarely post something here, but if I want to write something, I'll write one or two >><<