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Hi, I'm back with some of my RL stories. eheheheh <3
I'M FINALLY HAD SOME CHAT WITH MY COLLEGE'S CRUSH. We talked about random things for 2 days straight. even though its ended up so quickly, thats the longest time I've ever had with him.
since I'm too happy, I cant get full concentration to my job.
I was smiling all day long. I think my aura became like flower-y lolololol

When I told my friend about this, she said 'You're so cute, chia'
'what? how can you say I'm cute?' I asked her back.
'you became like a little girl when you like someone. and your reaction just cute. thats all'

I admit that I dont know what should I do or how to give a proper reaction for what happen at that time. for love things I'M ULTRA SHY and I often freezing when someone I like talk to me, or even he just simply say 'HELLO'.

Ridiculously stupid.
I'm too embarrassed and often cant talk properly.
what the hell wrong with me?


Apr. 24th, 2017 05:24 pm
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Hi, after read some news at Livejournal and some of communities or friends has decided to move here.
which is I have to make an account soon.
first I'll do introduction.
I'm Chia, from Indonesia.
currently 23 y.o >___< I'm Johnny's Ent. Fan <3
My fandoms are Arashi, Kanjani8, Johhny's West, sometimes TOKIO, and KinKi Kids. I was NEWS fan but still supporting TegoMass (didnt mean I hate NEWS or whatsover, just not being their fan anymore, sorry)
My ichiban are Nishikido and Ninomiya '3')//
Beside from Johnny's I also like another Japan's agency like Amuse or LDH, and many more.

probably I'll rarely post something here, but if I want to write something, I'll write one or two >><<


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